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2019/05/11 Annual Convention

2018 CAST-SD 十一月讲座--Big Data 2.0--数文明



涂子沛 先生



2018 CAST-SD 十月讲座--A Small Talk on 3L--By Dr. Bo Zhang.


In this talk, Dr. Zhang will share his career development path and provide his insight on 3L, Leadership, Learning, and Life.

2018 CAST-SD 十月讲座--Big Data and AI Application in China.





CAST-SD(SD-CAST) was founded by professionals and scholars from local Chinese community in San Diego.

Our missions are:

  • To promote academic exchanges and professional development of its members;

  • To serve as a “bridge” between the United States and China for both personnel and information exchanges, and for the cooperation in science and technology, economic, trade and other areas;

  • To promote friendships and communications among members and to enhance greater understanding of Chinese traditional culture in the United States.


We invite all professionals, scholars, and students to join us as members of CAST-SD.

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