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CAST-SD 2022 年5月讲座: 浅谈激光雷达中的光学器件LiDAR-- from optics supplier's perspective


LiDAR - from optics supplier's perspective

Huawen Wu (吴华文), Director of Sales Engineering, Hitronics Technologies,


从光学供应商的角度看激光雷达。近十年来,用于自动驾驶的激光雷达技术发展迅速,尤其是近一两年,知名汽车品牌纷纷开始在最新车型上部署激光雷达或进行相关的投资布局,商用激光雷达有望在今年迎来量产。自2016年来,海创光电为不同的激光雷达客户和技术平台提供光纤激光器、激光器组件、光学元件和模组等,积攒了很多经验。我们的目标很简单:将 LiDAR 激光器和光学器件打造成具有车规级可靠性的低成本零件。

In the past decade, LiDAR for autonomous driving has been developing rapidly. Particularly, in the past year or two, major car manufacturers began to deploy LiDAR on their latest models. Commercial LiDAR is expected to be in volume production this year. Since 2016, Hitronics has provided fiber lasers, laser components, optics and modules for many different LiDAR customers with various configurations, and gained some unique perspective. Our Mission is simple: to make LiDAR laser and optics as low-cost commodities with automotive-level reliability, as we realized from the very beginning that the two kay things for LiDAR success are cost and reliability.


吴博士在海创光电负责激光雷达、激光和生命科学市场的光学应用和市场开发。 他在传感、生命科学和半导体行业的光谱、成像等应用开发方面拥有 15 年的经验。

Dr. Wu is managing application and business development for optics in LiDAR, laser and life science markets. He has 15 years of experience in application development in spectroscopy, imaging, and metrology in sensing, life science, and semiconductor industries.

Hitronics is a major supplier of fiber laser, EEL laser assemblies, optical components, and assemblies for LiDAR and ADAS customers. Now a world-class manufacturer of precision optics, Hitronics embraces the challenges of design to volume production across the LiDAR, laser, telecom, life science, and instrumentation industries.

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