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Green Club

金山银山不如绿水青山 “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”

CAST-SD Green club strives to encourage the younger generation to take action together for a greener brighter future.


Club Facts

Club Founder: Susan Jiang
Established time: November 2021
Activity Frequency: 1 time per month

About Us

CAST-SD Green Club is a team of students who are passionate about the environment and serving our community. Since November 2021, Green Club has organized monthly beach clean-ups at local beaches in San Diego. 

In addition to our clean-ups, we also take on the mission of creating a more sustainable world. Our members collect and recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and unwanted metal pieces to take to local recycling centers. We welcome people of all ages to join us!

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Green Club member recycling plastic
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One person does not have enough power to change the world, or frankly, the whole climate crisis. But if we come together, we can take small steps toward a brighter future.

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